Sunday, 2 October 2011

AIGA Radical Craft

The concept for this design orbits around the idea of drafting, and the skeletal elements of type. The title "Radical Craft" is set in a group of lines to imitate a type anatomy chart; Additionally I chose Adobe Garamond Pro for my design, because using the revival of an old style serif typeface would convey a sense of timeless design and structure. The choice to put light strokes around the type was in effort to create the look of pencil outlines. However, this is something I might have to redesign because I've already received comments about readability issues. The texture and clipping mask on the title font are my watercolor paintings that were scanned into a computer. I did this because, although design is primarily a digital process, these ideas or concepts should be developed just as any other art form through drafting, sketching etc. As a whole, I wanted this poster to communicate the process of design-our craft. 

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